Today’s Devotional Tidbit – Directions
Psalm 143:8-10, 12

Husbands or males in general, have a bad reputation. There’s something that we usually do that gives us that reputation. O.k., maybe there’s more than just one thing that gives us that bad reputation, but I’ll focus on just one today. One word says it all, “Directions.” Do you get where I’m going yet? 

Now I’m different than most husbands, but that’s because my wife is different than most wives, at least when it comes to traveling. When we travel, we travel far. We don’t fly, we just drive. It can be monotonous (simply stated that means “uuurrrgggghhh!!) We are usually out in rural areas where directions need to be asked or we might get lost. That’s where we as a couple are a bit different. I have yet to hear my wife complain to me about never asking directions. When it comes to directions, I have no manly pride. I hear my wife say the following sometimes, “You were asking directions again weren’t you?” Or she might say, “Why do you have to ask directions every time we stop somewhere?”

I always tell my wife (Mary Ann) that I ask because I enjoy talking to people. From a simple asking of directions, so many things can be talked about.  It might be that, or maybe I am just an untrusting soul and I want to make sure that the last person wasn’t leading me astray. Whatever the reason of my constant asking of road directions, I am an odd duck, a male that asks how to get somewhere when lost or almost lost. When I am in places such as Prairie City, SD; Dunning, NE; or Ft. Yates, ND, I am so good at asking directions when I lose my way.  Why don’t I do that more often as a Christian when I don’t know where I’m going in life?

Psalm 143 is a wonderfully written account of what God wants us to do when we lose our ways.

1)        Pray to Him –vs. 1

2)       Remember what God has done – vs. 5

3)       Ask God for direction and trust him – vs. 8

4)       Ask God to teach us His will – vs. 10

5)       Ask God for his Good Spirit to lead us – vs. 10

Let us focus on verses 8-10.  Three times in these verses, David asks God for directions. I don’t know how often he asked for directions when he may have got lost between Shiloh and Jerusalem, but I do know that he asked directions when he most needed them. When he needed guidance, when he was persecuted, when God seemed most distant, David humbled himself before the Lord and asked God to guide him. Shouldn’t we do the same today? And if we do it sometimes, shouldn’t we do it more often?

Read the words of David:      “Show me the way I should go.” vs. 8

                                               “Teach me to do your will” vs. 10

                                               “May your good spirit lead me on level ground.” vs. 10

Would our lives be less burdened if we humbled ourselves before God and asked directions (guidance)? Why of course!!!! Let us not be like typical men. Let us ask directions when we feel lost. Let us follow the example of a real man after God’s own heart – let us follow the example of David. 

God Bless Ya’ll (or is it Y’all?),
Brian Humek

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