God is full of mercy, and editors are too (I hope)!

God is full of mercy, and editors are too (I hope)!
Today’s Devotional Tidbit – February 15, 2005
II Peter 3:9

As some of you may know, I preach part-time, I’m a full-time student, and I write picture books. I have spent a lot of time lately sending out my picture book manuscripts. I hope one day; God may bless me in having some of them published. However, in reading some information last night about picture book writing, I see I may have been making some mistakes in my writing. I have been writing these picture books for three years, but writing is a continuous learning process. After what I read last night, I thought I’d really messed up my writing. I’d even sent some of my manuscripts out which I now realize may have gone against some of the accepted rules.

After learning what I may have been doing wrong, I could have wallowed in despair. I did stick my toes in that pool of despair for a moment, but I didn’t stay there. As I said, writing picture books is a learning process. If I make mistakes in my writing, I can change my writing style; I can make my writing better. In no way, do my past mistakes in writing make it impossible for me to write good manuscripts in the future, or to be published one day. Editors are a forgiving people. I might even say that editors are merciful with beginning writers like me.

I thought of the mercy editors will have with me because of my mistakes, and then I thought about the mercy of God. No matter how many mistakes we have made in the past, God will always welcome us into his family. We are always welcome to be buried with Christ in baptism. God wants all of us to be saved, II Peter 3:9 states: “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” It is so amazing to know that we all have our own “Wanted” posters. God wants you. God wants me. God wants our loud unruly neighbors. He wants people who talk too much. God even wants people who don’t use their turn signals. In essence, that’s what II Peter 3:9 is saying. God wants everyone to be saved. We all have our own “Wanted” posters

Whatever our mistakes, they can be forgiven. Maybe you can’t believe how merciful our heavenly Father is. Check it out for yourself, repent and make a change in your life for the better. Give God a chance to forgive your sins! I pray that all of us will recognize God’s mercy.

Yours in Christ,

Brian Humek

P.S. There will be no Devotional Tidbit next week. We will be out of town. God bless you!

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