“Pick a Medicine, Any Medicine”

“Pick a Medicine, Any Medicine”
Today’s Devotional Tidbit – March 15, 2005
John 14:6
     A patient visits a doctor complaining of stomach pains. After the examination, the doctor says the patient is indeed ill. He needs some medicine to make him better. The patient understands his need for medicine and thanks the doctor.
     Pointing to the shelves behind him the doctor tells his patient, “Pick a medicine from  these shelves.”
     The patient is shocked, “Which one should I take?” he asks.
     “It doesn’t matter,” answers the doctor, “They’re all supposed to make you feel better.”
     Never would any of us accept a doctor telling us to “pick a medicine, any medicine” as if he were a street corner magician, even if he added the caveat that it was all made to make us feel better. However, our society does this more and more when it comes to religion.
     Society says, “Pick a religion, any religion; it all takes you to the same place.”
Our children hear this at school. We see this in the movies we watch. The talk shows we watch in the afternoon bash us with the same type of lies. “There is no truth” is the only truth taught on most college campuses these days.
     What are we to do? Should we do anything at all?
     I guess the one thing we must understand is that we are living in a different world today than thirty, twenty, even ten years ago.
     We live in a world where John 14:6 is classified as politically incorrect and intolerant. It reads, “I am the way, the truth, and the light, no on goes to the Father but through me.”
     The question still stands, “What are we to do?” Next week, lets look a bit closer at this question.

In Christ,

Brian Humek

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