What, me Worry?

What? Me Worry?
Devotional Tidbit – March 28, 2005
Matthew 6:25-34

One of the first things I spoke to my wife about this morning was Daylight Savings Time. I know it doesn’t happen for another six days, but there I was, talking about something in the future that I didn’t want to happen. I lamented losing 10 minutes a day for the next six days. Of all the things I could be thinking about, wondering about, speaking about on a Monday morning; I was worrying about losing an hour to that monster called Daylight Savings Time. Give me some credit though; I did think about that wonderful time last fall when God blessed us with an extra hour of sleep.

I have been a Christian for many years. I know a lot about my Bible. I know what the Bible says about worrying. “Don’t do it!” the book of Matthew screams at me. But what do I do? I worry. Can any of you associate with my worry problem?

Prayer is a mighty gift from God; one we need to take advantage of when we worry. I am thankful for prayers said on my behalf. Sometimes, I know that’s the only way I make it through a day, especially those days full of worry. I have a suggestion for when that beast of burden called “Worry” knocks you down; STAY THERE! I don’t mean give up. I mean stay there in your knocked down position, and PRAY. The Psalms are full of laments and cries to the LORD. Cry out to God! Give him your trouble. You might just be surprised about the outcome. If only I would do this more often.

As for me, I’m not so concerned about losing that hour any longer. I just know I have to sleep earlier on Saturday night. It certainly helps when I tell God of my problems, even a little one like losing an hour at daylight savings time.

In Christ,
Brian Humek

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