Feet Like a Deer

Devotional Tidbit – Feet Like a Deer
Habakkuk 3:17-19
Wednesday April 13, 2005

Here’s the scenario: The kids are screaming. Maybe it’s the boss who’s screaming. Maybe the screaming is being done by the cat, dog, your husband or wife, but someone is screaming. You love asparagus and there is no more asparagus in the house and its $5.00 a bunch at the grocery store. The car has a flat tire, but that doesn’t matter anymore since you can’t afford the gas. Your best friend wants to talk about some problems. But wait a minute, you’ve got a problem you think no one could ever understand, especially your best friend. Who will be able to listen to you and understand your problem? And what is most upsetting is that annoying rash that just appeared on your forehead last night.

What are you going to do? That’s the question of the hour. Crying would be the option some might choose. Giving up would be another option. Rejoicing in the Lord may be another option huh? You’re laughing at that option? Habakkuk didn’t laugh at that option. Although his scenario was a bit different, rejoicing in the Lord is exactly what the prophet Habakkuk did.

His scenario was this: his fig tree wasn’t budding and the root stimulator didn’t work, there weren’t any grapes on his grape vine, the olives just didn’t grow, actually, none of his crops were growing, his sheep and cattle were non-existent, but Habakkuk says, “yet, I will rejoice in the Lord.”


“But he was a prophet of God!” you might say. “He can do that but I can’t.”

Genesis 1:26-27 says you were made in the image of God. You have that in common with Habakkuk already. What about rejoicing? Will you have the same faith that Habbakkuk had? We’re all made the same as Habakkuk and we can have the same faith in God that he had. Just look at Habakkuk 3:19: “The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights”. This verse means that God gives us the ability to go on to great heights of faith.

Let us all use our God given “feet like a deer” to reach those great heights of faith.

In Christ,
Brian Humek    

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