It’s not just a boy scout motto!

Devotional Tidbit –  It’s not just a boy scout motto!
Genesis 41:15-36
Wednesday April 27, 2005

Sometimes things become so piled up that a person can’t find their way through life. Demands from the office, school, friends, church, and family sometimes look like mountains of commitments. There are times when we barely have enough energy to climb up a small hill, more less a mountain.

In our passage today, Pharaoh has had two dreams that no one can interpret. Then Joseph comes along and solves all the problems of Pharaoh. Joseph interprets the dreams (actually they are one dream says Joseph) correctly by telling Pharaoh that there are going to be some good times, then bad times, and that Pharaoh better be prepared. “Be Prepared” is not just a Boy Scout motto. It should be a theme that resounds throughout our entire life. Joseph told Pharaoh to be prepared and Pharaoh agreed with Joseph’s plan for preparedness.

I know it sounds un-American but we need to slow the pace of our lives. Either we can slow our lives down voluntarily or that slower pace will come upon us when we don’t want it to. I think this is where preparedness becomes important. Let us use our time more wisely. If there is something we know we’ll have to do tomorrow, do it today if possible. If there is work to do next week, get it done earlier. We won’t always have time to get ahead but when we do, take advantage of it. I think we all know the opposite of “getting ahead” and of course, that is “getting behind,” and that is not a pleasant feeling.

One day we will all be slowed down involuntarily. We will be slowed down by sickness to ourselves, our parents, our children. We’ll be slowed down by extra work projects, unforeseen emergencies, and other needs that come up from time to time.

I say let us be proactive and “get ahead” so when we choose to slow down, we will be right on time.

In Christ,
Brian Humek

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