An Example for Children-Norman B. Gillis Sr.

Devotional Tidbit – An Example for Children-Norman B. Gillis Sr.
Colossians 3:20-21
Wednesday May 18, 2005
We sometimes like to stress certain Bible verses and put less stress on others. One example may be Colossians 3:20-21. Verse 20 speaks of children obeying their parents. We love to stress that verse to our children. We sometimes forget the following verse which commands fathers not to embitter or exasperate (infuriate, annoy, frustrate) their children. As parents (both mothers and fathers), we should always set the best example we can for our children.  Our words, our attitudes, all aspects of our personality are taught to our children. Even if we’re not trying to teach certain aspects, they are learned. Our children are sponges, aren’t they? Comedian and master storyteller Jerry Clower tells of a good example which was demonstrated to him as a youngster. I want to include that story in today’s tidbit. In this story, he speaks of a prized possession of his as a child, a coon dog named “Little Red.” You should read this story with a thick southern drawl.

“One night we went huntin’ down in the swamps and Little Red got cut on a cross cut saw. I picked him up and started crying and held his back leg where that saw had cut him. Every time his heart would beat, blood would gush from his leg. We loaded him up in an old rattly-trap Ford car. My brother Sonny finally got it cranked, and we rushed to Macomb, Mississippi. I was crying, holdin’ my coon dog. We rushed to Gillis’ drug store and walked up on the sidewalk and the store was already closed but there was a light on in the back. Mr. Gillis was counting the days’ receipts. We bumped on the door and Mr. Gillis opened the door and said, ‘What do you boys want?’ There we stood with our overalls on, dog blood all over me, scared to death. My brother Sonny said, ’Mr. Gillis, we understand there’s a veterinarian rents an office from you. Any way we can see him? Jerry’s coon dog Little Red is bleeding to death.’ He said, ‘Boys, I’m sorry but Dr. Williams is out of town and won’t be back until tomorrow but bring your coon dog on in my store. Put him down on the floor and let me get the lights on and let me see if I can help ya.’

“Now Mr. and Mrs. Adult, what would you have done? Would you have said, ‘Get that filthy dog off of this sidewalk! Look at the blood you done put down here!’? Yes, you could of run me off, and I’d a hated you the rest of my life. Ever since that night, I been lookin’ for a boy with a hurt dog because Mr. Norman B. Gillis Sr. showed me how adult people are supposed to set the right example for young people to follow. He called his family physician and asked him how to put a pressure bandage on Little Red’s leg. He gave him some pills. He said, ‘Son, you go on home. I’ll put your dog on my back porch, and Dr. Williams will see him first thing in the morning.’ Little Red lived to hunt again, and I thank God for men like Norman B. Gillis because he showed a young boy, a little teenager, how adult people are supposed to treat youngsters with problems.”

Wow! Well said Jerry.

I too want to set such a good example for youngsters, especially my own.

In Christ,
Brian Humek

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