Jesus Wept

Devotional Tidbit – Jesus Wept
John 11:35
Tuesday June 21, 2005

In some churches, Jesus is held up as a miracle worker and someone who seems to be beyond our grasp. We may think, “how in the world can we, sinful men and women, ever identify with Jesus?” He did this miracle. He did that miracle. He never sinned. We may come away with the idea that He’s too different from us.

But God came to earth in the flesh to identify with us. There are times when we see the human attributes of Jesus. There are times he thirsts, times he hungers, times when he is angry, and then there is that favorite memory verse of Vacation Bible School students,
“Jesus wept.” – John 11:35.

There are many reasons suggested by scholars for why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus. He was either sad at the passing of a friend, he was upset at the lack of faith on the part of Mary and Martha, or he was upset and sad that sin entered the world and brought heartache to the people he loved. Whichever reason you believe to be the case, the point is that Jesus cried tears just like you and me. This is just one example of Jesus’ emotions. They were real. Jesus was real. He actually felt the same feelings we do at times.

When you go to God in prayer over any matter; remember that He knows how you feel. God is not aloof and far off. He has connected with mankind on a close personal level through Jesus.

God is waiting to hear from you. He wants to step into your life to personally help you. However, he cannot force himself on you. He cannot force you to want him. Take that next step that will get you closer to God. If you are a Christian, you still need to be one step closer to God than you are today. If you are a non-Christian, that next step may be a Bible study with a friend, it may be baptism, it may be opening your Bible for the first time in years. Whatever that next step is, take it. God won’t force you to take that step, but he is there to help you in case that next step is a dooozy.
In Christ,
Brian Humek

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