Send Me a Sign

Devotional Tidbit – Send Me a Sign
John 11:1-37
Wednesday June 29, 2005

The book of John is filled with signs, not miracles. Same thing? Yeah, but there is more significance to a sign; a sign points to something greater. The signs in the book of John pointed to Jesus, his divine nature, and his ability to save lives. After Jesus’ seventh sign, the raising of Lazarus from the dead, the religious leaders finally understood. This sign cements Jesus’ position as someone they must kill (John 11:53).

A Scottish preacher, Billy Wilson, used the following illustration to make a point about signs. In the movie The Man with Two Brains, Steve Martin’s character went to his dead wife’s picture to ask if she would mind if he married a specific woman. Steve Martin’s character looked at the picture and asked her to give him a sign if she would not approve of the marriage.  The painting begins to move, the fireplace below the painting shakes, everything in the room vibrates as if an earthquake has just hit. Unaware of the events (or more likely ignoring them) he continues, “Just give me a sign, any sign!”

We’re a lot like that. A Bible could fall in front of us, our car could break down in front of a certain church five days in a row, a parent or co-worker could invite you to church, your favorite restaurant could be torn down and a church built in its place, you could win round trip tickets to Christchurch, New Zealand, or maybe a minister may move in next door to you. You may never see the signs that may point to something greater like, maybe you should visit church for the first time in years, months, or weeks. Maybe there is indeed a good message for you there. In fact, I know there is a good message there for both you and me.

Why did I write something today about signs? Well, I received another rejection today on one of my picture books. This particular picture book has now received five form rejections without any comments whatsoever. That is not a good sign, but it may be a sign that the story is just not right for the market. If I keep sending that manuscript to publishers and continue getting rejections, I just might be the one needlessly saying to God, “Send me a sign, any sign.”

May God bless you this week, 
Brian Humek

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