Your Greatest Miracle?

Devotional Tidbit – Your Greatest Miracle?
John 11:17
Wednesday July 13, 2005

I think this makes three devotional tidbits in a row in which I use a text from John 11, a text so rich in teaching lessons. Today I’d like to offer some words on Jesus raising Lazarus after four days. What was so important about that?

In Rabbinic literature, there was a belief that the soul of a deceased person hovered above the body for three days, waiting for a way to get back into the place it belonged. After three days, the soul left, unable to ever enter the body again. This belief is documented to the early 2nd century (early 100s) but definitely could have existed to the time of Jesus. The religious leaders believed that any body could be resuscitated during this period of three days. But after the fourth day, there would need to be an actual resurrection. Because of this belief, raising Lazarus on the fourth day makes this sign or miracle even more impressive. Remember, Jesus waited to go to Bethany, causing him to arrive on the fourth day. After this miracle, the religious leaders decided that Jesus must die. There was definitely something significant about this miracle. As Jesus said, “…it is for God’s glory” This was indeed a great miracle, arguably the greatest miracle during his earthly ministry. 

What is the greatest miracle Jesus has accomplished in your life? I know a story of one such great miracle. There was a young boy in the 2nd grade riding his bike along a mildly busy street in Hammond, Indiana. All of a sudden, an older kid came along and stopped him. The desired and stated goal of this older kid in not so many words was molestation. The bad situation never fully developed because a woman came out on her porch and yelled, “What are you doing over there?” The older boy quickly left. In the life of that young boy, this was the greatest miracle Jesus had ever done. I know this to be the fact because that young boy was me. The greatest miracle, the fourth day miracle Jesus did for me was protecting me on that day in Hammond, Indiana.

I would like you to reflect today and think about the greatest miracle Jesus has ever done for you. If you have time to drop me an email, I’d love to know what it is. I will take time in prayer to praise God for the miracles he has done for each of you. 

May God bless you this week, 
Brian Humek


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