Despite our Infirmities

Today’s Devotional Tidbit-Despite our Infirmities.
Saturday September 10, 2005
Exodus 4:10-17

Moses felt he wasn’t a good enough speaker. I guess we could call that an infirmity. He tried to use the fact as a way not to do what God wanted. A man named David, an evacuee from flood ravaged New Orleans told me part of his story and he related it to Moses. David told me, “We can’t let our infirmities keep us from helping others who can’t or won’t help themselves.” I was astonished that he had helped many folks make it to dry land in the midst of the flood. His friend Herman told me that David helped push a boat full of folks through the flooded streets. He helped others get out of their homes. After hearing his story, David gave that piece of advice about not letting our infirmities keep us from helping others. David lost his sight last year, he once could see shadows, but now he can’t see a thing. However, David could still see that when there is a need, it must be taken care of whether we have our own personal infirmities or not.

Let us remember that whether or not we feel we can accomplish a certain task, God supplies us with the ability to complete it. God won’t provide an opportunity for us to help others without giving us the ability to complete the task.

In Christ,
Brian Humek 

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