Give Thanks in All Circumstances?  
Devotional Tidbit – I Thessalonians 5:18
September 24, 2005
At the end of First Thessalonians, Paul gives us a bunch of exhortations. A few of these exhortations (things he wants us to do), just aren’t done by Christians very much. I want to look at two of them today.

Let me begin on a lighter note. Verse 26 says to greet the brothers with a holy kiss. Okay, it’s obvious why we don’t do that.

Now onto the more serious matter. Verse 18 says we are to give thanks in all circumstances. Am I the only one that finds that one difficult. I am personally not living in the best of circumstances. I don’t mean physically. The present circumstance in which I’m living, is total uncertainty about many aspects in my life.  The Bible says I’m to give thanks in this circumstance? That’s unbelievable! But if things go right, this circumstance should lead me to a closer relationship with God. And for that, I should be thankful, very thankful.

I’m sure there are some circumstances in your life that may not be the greatest either. But … if we are living right, have a good spiritual support system from our Christian brothers and sisters, our elders, and ministers, and if we are going to our Father in prayer as we should, a closer relationship with God will result. I think that is one way in which we can give thanks in all circumstances.

Yours in Christ,

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