Committing Errors

Today’s Devotional Tidbit -October 15, 2005
Romans 7:21
Committing Errors

Almost two years ago exactly, October 14, 2003, millions of Chicago Cubs fans wept. They saw a stellar season go down the drain. Two things happened in the fatal 8th inning of the Cubs vs. Marlins game that night in Chicago. The first bad thing was an uncaught foul ball hit into the left field stands. The other bad thing was an error by the shortstop (Alex Rodriquez) which gave the Marlins the chance to score many times that inning. I remember it like it was yesterday. My heart still hurts. As you might imagine, I am a huge Cubs fan.

That error cost the Cubs a chance at the World Series. It’s like committing a sin which will keep you out of Heaven. Can you even imagine such a sin? I may yet see Alex Rodriguez (the shortstop who committed the error) in Heaven. Committing an error that keeps the Cubs out of the World Series may or may not be the unpardonable sin.  As for us, we commit errors or sins as we call them, quite often. Is any one of them big enough to keep us out of the World Series, I mean Heaven? From my understanding, our sins can be forgiven, all of them. Period.

Unbelief in God is the only sin which cannot be forgiven. Look at the logic behind that statement. How can a sin be forgiven if one does not believe in the only one with the right and power to forgive sins? We have a wonderful and merciful God.
Unfortunately, committing errors (sins) is a way of life which doesn’t end with baptism. We don’t become perfect saints when we become Christians. That is simply when we are initially forgiven. It’s a struggle to live a less error filled life. We need to be in God’s word. Meditating on what we read. We need to be on our knees in prayer. We need to be ready to do battle with the enemy, not the opposing baseball team, but Satan. Read what our verse of the day says. It speaks about our struggle to live with fewer errors.

I pray we will all commit to the struggle of living more Christ-like lives.

In Christ,

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