Special Prayer Request


I requested your prayers yesterday for Ashlynn. They are so appreciated. An email from the new father follows my rambling.  We received this update at 145 pm Saturday. What follows is the latter part of his email containing details about Ashlynn. As I normally send out a devotional each week, I think this testimony about God’s work is amazing and better than anything I could personally write. You will see God at work by reading Scott’s email. I think all the prayers of folks all over are helping Ashlynn. God bless each and every one of you for taking time to pray. Please continue to do so. I have let them know of your prayers and they are very thankful. I believe the faith of the doctor is even growing (you’ll see what I mean). For those of you who attend church. Please have your congregation pray for Ashlynn and Clarissa tomorrow. Please email me and let us know how many of you have your congregations or Bible classes pray. I would like to let Scott and Heather know about the prayers. Again, thank you so very much. God is listening and God is working. Now please read Scott’s email concerning Ashlynn:

I received a call from Heather just as I was arriving at the hospital on Friday afternoon. The doctor on duty had called her to say that one of us needed to be there right away, because Ashlynn did not have long to live. Before I went into her room I prayed as I’m sure you can imagine, for this specific situation. As soon I came in the doctor overseeing the activity told me that they had already tried everything that was possible and she wasn’t responding. Her oxygen, blood pressure, and heart rate were so low that he indicated she had only a short time left. At that same moment, however, within the time it took for me to enter the room and the doctor to say just that, her oxygen, blood pressure, and heart rate stopped dropping, and immediately began rising. This greatly surprised the whole team, and especially the doctor. With this unexpected turn of events they decided to try to use a ventilator/oscillator that they had unsuccessfully tried earlier. After starting it, her vitals improved even more, even returning to normal levels. Again the doctor and team were greatly surprised and relieved. They spent more time tweaking medications and settings to help
ensure she remained stable, but the “will die in minutes” had passed with God’s touch. The doctor said, however, that with the trauma of what had just transpired, that there would certainly be hemorraging in the brain, and if it was serious enough, which he believed was almost a certainty, I should
start giving thought as to what kind of intervention effort we would consider when the next episode arrived, which again, was a certainty. The ultrasound technician came in about an hour later and examined her brain in detail. I observed, thinking that God had certainly intervened, so what was
His plan for her life. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary and wondered. Then, the doctor came back in about half an hour after she had finished. He asked her in quiet tones, probably intended for me to not hear, what she saw. She was smiling and said it was normal. He didn’t believe her,
and they went through slide after slide of her captured scans talking and pointing. The doctor told me afterwards, “I don’t understand it, but there’s no hemorraging. And I don’t just mean nothing serious, there is no bleeding at all, not a single broken vessel. It doens’t make sense. We’ll continue
doing everything we can and hope for the best.” He cautioned me again later that Ashlynn wouldn’t likely survive the night, even so. Her lung immaturity was, and still continues, to be a serious problem, being more immature than they should be, even at 26 weeks. Even so, God kept her with us through the night and into today. I don’t truly know His ultimate plan for Ashlynn, but please pray that He will continue to intervene to keep her alive long enough
for her lungs to mature enough so that she has a chance, medically speaking. He already has done so much for her, and so obviously; I hope and pray that He has great, and long, plans for her life with us on this earth before letting her return home to heaven.


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