The Mailman Vs. God (plus Rutenkroger update)

Today’s Devotional Tidbit – January 5, 2006
The Mailman Vs. God
Psalms 23

I just want to let you know there is no one or nothing like our marvelous Father in Heaven. He is always faithful. He’ll never forsake us. The bible speaks to us numerous times about this. He’s even with us, I should say, He’s especially with us when we go through dark valleys. Why did I think of this today? Well…let me just say our mailman isn’t quite so reliable. You might know the phrase, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” This phrase is inscribed on the James Farley Post Office on Eighth Avenue and 32nd Street in New York City. This was never the motto for the postal service. It was merely a phrase the architect of the building admired and thought appropriate, maybe it was wishful thinking. Unlike our mailman who was today prevented from making his appointed rounds by a dog on the loose, God is always faithful. 

Just a short thought today since I want to include an update concerning Clarissa Faith Rutenkroger. Please keep them in your prayers. Thank you to those who have been doing so already and thank you for the emails and cards you have sent their way. Scott and Heather have told me they are much appreciated. I thank you too for your concern and care. If any of you want to be kept regularly updated on Clarissa, please let me know.

From Scott and Heather Rutenkroger:

This past week has been a difficult one. We’ve had the down portion of the
roller coaster this time. There was a doctor change on Wednesday of last
week. The previous doctor had been trying to go easier on her lungs, but
premitting higher CO2 for a time. The new doctor decided to more
aggressively attack Clarissa’s carbon dioxide levels by increasing her
ventilator pressures and other settings. Unfortunately, as things turned out
there were other complications simultaneously and her lungs just weren’t
ready for the extra damage (the more the ventilator does, the more damage it
causes). So, she is back on the high frequency oscillator which she was on
during her first two weeks.

We were really worried for a few days since she had really high CO2 (higher
than before trying to lower it) for the last couple days on the conventional
ventilator and then on the high frequency she was constantly at 100% oxygen
and still at below-range blood oxygenation for long time periods since they
were trying to avoid further lung problems as best they could. She has had
fluid, general lung damage, and pulmonary interstitial emphysema
complicating things. Also, since she is older now she gets even more upset
at being on a high frequency ventilator and fights it and breathes over it
constantly. So, she’s being sedated pretty much 24/7. However, her carbon
dioxide levels have remained very low since she’s been on the high frequency
ventilator which is a good thing, and she is now slowly improving again.

We happened to see a news report the other day that discussed a medical
study that says that only about 14% of babies at Ashlynn’s and Clarissa’s
birth weight end up surviving. In a meeting a doctor volunteered that she
will likely have to have a tracheostomy at some point in the future but in
his opinion she will survive (although reminded that there are no guarantees
on that). She appears to have everything in great and perfect working order,
except for her lungs.

So, in the next week keep praying for her lungs especially, but also one or
two for us since we’ve been more stressed than before!

Scott & Heather

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