The Lord is Good

Today’s Devotional Tidbit – March 6, 2006
The Lord is Good
Psalms 135:3

Tomorrow night, my wife begins meeting with a few women at a coffee shop. The purpose of the group is to help pre-Christians and Christians understand God better. The hope is to gather and talk about God, and to create an open atmosphere for discussion. There will be no dumb questions and no out of bound discussions. My wife will begin the discussions each week with a certain topic about God, a different one each week. She will start tomorrow night with the idea that God is good. This statement can be found throughout the Bible. Unfortunately, that does not make the statement true for some folks. To dig a bit deeper, my wife will ask how each person in the group can see that truth displayed in their own life? My wife will also ask, “Could you or someone else look at your life and say that God is not good?” These questions are not overwhelming, but for someone hurting because of their life circumstances, the first question can help them see God’s blessings in their life. The second question could open up for discussion the doubts that arise when life hits rock bottom. Where will this meeting lead? We don’t know. We are bathing this effort in prayer. We are praying for God to miraculously lead folks to this God talk. Might you do this too? We are praying specifically for Cassie, Monique, Mary, and Lon (pronounced Loan). Please also keep my wife Mary Ann in your prayers. This is a new ministry for her. This is a little outside her comfort zone. However, she is allowing God to use her for good. I’ll keep you updated on her efforts over the next few months. I also encourage you to begin such a group. Get spiritual conversations started wherever you can. Many good things can come from them.
In Christ,
Brian Humek


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