Lord, Hear My Cry (prayer)

Today’s Devotional Tidbit – June 6, 2006
Psalm 130:1-2
Lord, Hear My Cry  (Prayer)

How is your prayer life? Do you tell folks you’ll pray for them and never do it. I plead guilty to that sometimes. Mostly, that has been in my past prayer life. Today I called a gentleman from church. He needed prayers. I was about to tell him, “I’ll pray for you.” Instead, I said, “Before we get off the phone I want to pray with you.” That was a good thing. He appreciated the time in prayer.

We also tell people that they are in our prayers and we pray for them one time, or maybe a few times, and we forget to keep it up. The reasons we forget to keep praying is that we think their problems may have gone away. If there isn’t some constant reminder to pray, it is natural to forget to lift folks up before our Father. I think a prayer list is essential.

One prayer need you are all familiar with is that of Clarissa Faith Rutenkroger. She did not have a great day this past Sunday. She wasn’t getting enough oxygen and had to be manually revived. I can’t tell you enough how much God has helped Clarissa in the past. She still needs your prayers and God’s help in the present and in the future. Please remember to keep Clarissa, Scott and Heather in your prayers as often as you can.
In Christ y’all,
Brian Humek

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