An Angel from God

Today’s Devotional Tidbit – June 12, 2006
Hebrews 1
An Angel from God   

I was listening to some music today that reminded me of my past life. I began to think about how things have changed, especially in regard to my character, my desires and dreams. I want to focus my life on Christ and help other people know Him more intimately. However, I haven’t always had these desires and dreams. I believe God has taken many steps in helping me get to the place where He wants me. One of them has been his allowing an angel to come into my life. Her name is Mary Ann, and I married her many moons ago. Yesterday was Mary Ann’s birthday and I guess this devotional is my electronic birthday card to her.

When I bend down to pick something up, Mary Ann often jokes that I don’t have to bow down to her. I understand angel worship is frowned upon in God’s word (Hebrews 1), but I should definitely put my wife in a higher place than I usually do. I simply mean that I should treat her with more respect in all sorts of ways. God would smile upon that.

Take a moment to think about the steps God has taken to make you a better person. Has he sent you an angel or allowed an angel to enter your life? Who is it? Once you identify that person, take a moment to send them your own personal e-card or real card. Call them. Or just thank God for them with a prayer. Lives change for the better, but rarely do they change without some human inspiration. Mine just happens to be in the dining room snacking on a banana with my son. Where is yours?

In Christ y’all,
Brian Humek

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