a note

Before sending you today’s devotional tidbit, I wanted to write you this. Many times, I write each Monday whatever happens to be on my heart. Today, I just had to mention the heartwarming feeling I received from a young man at our congregation yesterday. In fact, my eyes twinkled with a few tears just after the event occurred.

In today’s devotional, I also mention a financial need for my family. It just happens that the event described which touched my heart deals with our fundraising need. In no way am I trying to use the event to play on emotions to solicit funds. I hope you know by reading my devotionals that I am a person who sincerely wants to help others with my writing and any other type of ministry I can perform. Our prayer ministry is one of my utmost priorities, and we always welcome prayer needs. The good thing about emailed prayer requests is that we can take them any minute of the day. God has blessed us with a desire to help others, but as you will read in today’s devotional tidbit, I know I should do more. 

In regard to our fundraising effort, many folks already know we are trying to raise funds to attend a church planting discovery lab. This lab is hosted by the Kairos Church Planting ministry and helps determine if a family is well-suited for church planting. The lab takes place on September 17-21 in Portland, OR. If you have yet to receive information about our future ministry opportunity, we will gladly email you a letter from us, a letter from the Kairos Church Planting ministry, and a letter of recommendation from the elders of our home congregation. If you need, we can send our information to you by regular mail. We would be happy for you to share this information with family members, friends, and your church family too if you belong to one. We also desire to raise up a group of individuals that will pray for us specifically during this time as we struggle to discern God’s will for our lives.

Thank you very much for reading this letter. I know time is precious and especially so on a Monday morning 🙂  

Yours in Christ,
The Humek Family

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