I Will Give You Rest

Devotional Tidbit – September 3, 2006
I Will Give You Rest       
Matthew 11:28

Dock worker, store clerk, census taker, janitor, data entry clerk, janitor and minister are all jobs I’ve held over the past several years. If the truth must be known, I’ve held some of these positions in higher esteem than others. Some jobs are full of heavy labor, some might even be labeled as burdensome. In Matthew 11:28, Jesus speaks to two different groups of people, those who labor and those who have burdens. Jesus is simply saying that he is here to help. If there is something difficult for us to handle, Jesus says through him, it can be dealt with properly. I am about to begin a spiritual survey in which I will be asking pre-Christians various questions. One question will ask how they make it through difficult times. I look forward to see how difficult times are handled by folks who do not possess a hope in Jesus.  I’m sure I  will share the survey results with you in an upcoming tidbit. For Christians, we should take comfort in knowing that Jesus wants to give us rest. And we especially need that rest as we celebrate Labor Day! 

In Christ y’all,
Brian Humek
This Devotional Tidbit is the personal ministry of Brian Humek. Please feel free to email me if you are interested in a personal Bible study or if you’d like these devotionals sent to you via email. Contact devotidbits at yahoo dot com.

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