He Has Overcome the World

Today’s Devotional Tidbit – November 26, 2006
He Has Overcome the World
John 16:33

Jesus said, “I have overcome the world.” My question today, what has the “world” thrown at you lately? Cancer? A cheating spouse? A job dismissal? A computer that crashes every day? A child that finds themselves in constant trouble? A combination of any of the above? You can add your own dilemma to this list. Jesus can help you overcome any problem you ever encounter, I mean “EVER” encounter. Jesus can do this but oftentimes we prevent him by trying to take care of it ourselves. I will be spending an extra amount of time in prayer today. I would like to know your needs, those things the “world” has been throwing at you. I’ll pray for your problems to go away, or I can simply pray that you can get out of the way as Jesus takes over. Email me soon, so I can lift you up before the Father. Pet problems, people problems, hey, even hit me with your praises.

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