How Beautiful

Today’s Devotional Tidbit – December 19, 2006
How Beautiful
Ecclesiastes 3:11

“God has made everything beautiful in its time…” – Ecclesiastes 3:11

My recent trip to Kansas this past weekend helped cement this thought in my mind. There is a lot of beauty between Dallas and Wichita (really, there is). I like the open prairie and I was able to see all of it. Then there were the good people I visited with in Norwich. I experienced good conversations and I was shown the kindest hospitality. All in all, I witnessed a lot of beauty this past weekend in a small Kansas town. On my way back, I saw old friends in Oklahoma whom I treasure. God has indeed made everything beautiful, not just land, but people and valued relationships. I ask you today, what has God made beautiful in your life? Is it a place you like to visit or a person you like to talk with? Take time today to think about the “beautiful” which God has made for you.

In Christ y’all,
Brian Humek

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