How Godlike is a Cat’s Love?

Today’s Devotional Tidbit – January 8, 2007
How Godlike is a Cat’s Love?
Romans 5:8

Sorry dog lovers, I’ve had at least one devo about a dog before. Now it’s time for one concerning a cat, my beloved dead cat Spunky.
I used to have a friend (I mean cat) named Spunky. He was my best friend for so many years. At the time he died, he had lived with me for over half my life. Spunky loved me no matter what. If I left him alone while I traveled, he loved me when I returned. If I neglected to clean his litter box for a week, he still loved me. I guess to a cat that may be close to sinful behavior.  But Spunky still loved me. When I didn’t feed him when he wanted, he may have got mad, but he never stopped loving me. I knew that he loved me because he always rubbed up against my leg, or my outstretched fingers and that’s when he said he loved me. He purred. No matter what I did to him. No matter how bad of a person I was to my friends or family, no matter how sad I was because of my problems, he loved me. I could have killed some guy for his tennis shoes and my cat Spunky would still rub up against me and purr, “I love you.”  In reading a book by Brennen Manning titled “Ruthless Trust,” I have been reminded of God’s endless love for all of us, no matter what we do. This does not mean God is pleased with our every behavior. However, he always loves us. We can’t make God stop loving us, just like my cat Spunky. If I neglected to feed my cat, neglected to change his kitty litter, neglected to spend time with him, my cat would still love me although there might be times when he’d wonder if I felt the same for him. Remember right now, God loves you no matter what. Even if you’re angry at him or neglecting him, God is still loving you. The big question is whether or not your behaviors and actions are making God wonder if you feel the same about him.

Yours in Christ,
Brian Humek

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