You will find plenty of devotional thoughts here, and yes, some preaching tidbits too. I sometimes can’t help myself. I just have to blow off steam once in a while. When I do so, that results in a preachy sounding devo.

God encourages me through the words he blesses me with. He doesn’t dictate them to me, but allows me to have experiences that mold and shape me. My words simply relate those experiences.

If the words you read here matter. Allow someone else to read them too. Forward this blog, copy and paste the words in an email, use them in your church bulletin, teach on them in a small prayer or Bible group, meditate on them, or simply comment on the words you read within these very pages.  

Each week, I write a new thought. The ones included here have been written over the past two years. They will be added as time permits.  

May God bless you,
Brian Humek

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