The Lord’s Supper Full of Love

Today’s Devotional Tidbit – February 26, 2007
The Lord’s Supper Full of Love
Luke 22:14-23

Each week I visit an assisted living center and speak with some residents about God. I guess you’d call it a Bible class because I ask questions and I receive answers in return. It’s always a good thing to get some replies. Before communion yesterday, I asked those gathered what they thought about Jesus, and what he had done for them. There were some great responses. Bea said Jesus is always with her, she just knows it. Nadine says she knows Jesus loves her because of so many answered prayers. Okay, we know every prayer is answered, but I think we all know she meant “yes” answers. John said he’s so happy Jesus always brought him through his difficult times under the doctor’s knife. He said he was always ready to go home to heaven if it was his time. John had tears in his eyes as he related this fact. I did too. Harrell said he knew Jesus was protecting him during World War II, especially after one flight when his plane had 175 bullet holes in it. “Not one of those bullets got me,” he said. Wow, that’s protection! I don’t know how that plane kept flying.

Yesterday was a very special time of communion for me, one of the most special I ever had. Usually when I take communion, it’s only a small prayer, maybe some Bible reading, and one person talking in a big room full of people. Yesterday, communion time was like being with family who really love Jesus. I could see that love in the eyes of those talking. I could hear that love in their voices. It was an amazing amount of love. I am so thankful to God for sharing his son, and for those residents at the assisted living center who shared their thoughts about Jesus. It was a memorable time. I hope you can have such a time of communion some time soon.

In Christ y’all,
Brian Humek

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