Earlier in the Morning

Today’s Devotional Tidbit
Psalms 1
Earlier in the Morning

I woke up earlier than usual this morning because of a dream. I wasn’t planning on getting up early but I’m thankful for the God-given nudge. I’m not sure if you’ve experienced this or not, but I find it is always better to wake up early. More things get done. There is less pressure to rush. This morning, I was able to spend quiet time in prayer to God. I read my Bible. I exercised. All in all, this morning has been a true blessing. I’ve already eaten breakfast and done some much needed work. My homeschooled son has already finished Math, penmanship, and is about to finish spelling. It’s only 8:18 a.m. This is the best Monday I’ve had in weeks. I pray that by choice, or with a little nudge from God, that you may begin your days off a little earlier, before everyone else is awake. The quietness just before dawn is a blessing and experiencing it leads to more blessings.

In Christ y’all,
Brian Humek

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