The Rest of the Story

Today’s Devotional Tidbit – March 20, 2007 
2 Chronicles 24
The Rest of the Story

A while back, I wrote about restoration. I wrote about how God wants all of our lives restored to his original plan. I specifically spoke of our relationships with friends, co-workers, and family. Did you ever identify any of those broken relationships? Have you prayed that God would restore those relationships? Do you understand that God won’t force those relationships to be restored on their own? You and I have to put in some of the leg work. Are you practicing selective memory, only remembering the wrongs done by the other party? Are you forgetting the rest of the story? Today, I want to tell you about a time when I forgot the rest of the story?
The first time our son ever dressed up at Halloween or for a fall festival celebration, we had him dress up as King Joash. I was in preaching school at the time and the story of Joash came up in one of my classes. I remember how the teacher stated King Joash was a good king; he wanted to restore God’s temple to its original beauty. He did so with the help of the high priest. No one questioned our son dressing up as King Joash, at least for a few years. Wondering why someone would question our son dressing up as a good king, I read more about King Joash yesterday. Wow! He wasn’t a good king after all. Read 2nd Chronicles chapter 24, especially the part labeled “The wickedness of Joash.” You’ll see the rest of the story. How did I ever miss it? 
I sometimes try to focus on the positive? I guess I did that with King Joash. Maybe we too sometimes try to focus on the positive, our positives, and we totally ignore the wrong we do in the relationships that need restored. Today’s devo is really just a check up. I just wanted to know how your personal restoration projects are progressing. I was wondering if your restoration projects have even begun. If not, do so by laying down a foundation of prayer concerning those broken relationships. Let us never forget the rest of the story, sometimes things are our fault.

Yours in Christ,
Brian Humek

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