Today’s Devotional Tidbit
2 Corinthians 12:7-10

I’ll be talking about a super hero in a moment. But first how about remembering a super villain from Batman, his name, the Riddler. I think he had a big question mark on his outfit. I may be mistaken, but I think that’s correct. In case you’ve wondered about what we are doing and haven’t had a chance to visit our website, please go to http://helpzach.wordpress.com. You can click on our Newsletters section and read our March news for Zach’s House. Now on to the devotional:

Superman was a mighty strong man. He could leap buildings in a single bound. He was powerful enough to stop a train. Superman was faster than a speeding bullet. Even with all that strength, if he came into contact with kryptonite, he became very weak. When he was falling down, barely able to walk, did Superman look strong? No! He was unable to do anything. None of us would say, “Wow! He’s weak and that makes him so strong!” It’s strange that a worker for God, the apostle Paul, boasted in his weakness, his thorn of the flesh. Paul said he delighted in hardships, insults, persecutions, and difficulties. I doubt Superman said, “I delight in the kryptonite.” I’m a bit different than Paul. I really don’t like insults. I’m pretty wary of persecutions. I hardly ever embrace hardships and I distaste difficulties. What’s wrong with me? I’m surely not like Paul. He knew that God’s power is made perfect through our weaknesses. If we never had any insults, persecutions, hardships and difficulties thrown our way, God’s power would never be made known in our lives. I understand that God wants to do good for us and how could he do good if there is never bad? Maybe I’m beginning to understand that a bit better. God is good. He wants to show us his love for us. Maybe I should sit back and enjoy his miracles, his love, and the amazing and peculiar ways he wants to help me. It won’t be easy to do, but I should try my best. By the way, did you experience any weaknesses yesterday? I did.

In Christ y’all,


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