Under the Fig Tree

Today’s Devotional Tidbit  – July 6, 2007
Under the Fig Tree
John 1:47-51
In the first chapter of John, Jesus tells Nathaniel that he had seen him sitting underneath a fig tree. Is there something significant about the fig tree? Some scholars have said that sitting under a fig tree was a place of peace, a place of prayer and meditation. Peace is important. We must have it in our lives. We may or may not have peace, but chances are, we all want it. Think of a place you have peace. Where is your fig tree? I asked that question today in a Bible discussion. Here are some of the answers I received: the shower, the basement, the prairie behind our house when I was a kid, underneath a tree reading a book, the library, the chapel at a local seminary, and the mountains. Those are places of peace for some people. I ended our Bible discussion with a prayer that each person there would be blessed by God with peace that didn’t have to be searched for, but a peace that could be attained whenever and wherever, a peace that only comes from following Jesus. I pray that for you too. But while we are speaking about places of peace, tell me about some of yours. 
In Christ y’all,


2 responses to “Under the Fig Tree

  1. Hey Brian,

    I like the new format. I received all 3 devos: your friend on stage, King David, and Nathaniel under the fig tree. And I enjoyed reading all of them. Thanks, rparker.

  2. Gaylon Stamps

    Hey Brian. I’ve always enjoy reading what you have to say. You write with candor and feeling. You “tell it like it is” from your perspective. May God continue to bless you with thoughtfulness and a desire to share your thoughts by writing. I’m sure you’ll never know the fruits of your labor until you pass beyond the vale.

    About the new format; I like it very much! Thanks for sharing with me!


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