Today’s Devotional Tidbit
Ephesians 4:32

One day at the church building, I wandered from my office and watched the kids at Rainbow School during their playtime. I watched a room full of four and five year olds drive pedal cars, tractors and tricycles around a big room. There were some crashes and bangs and for the most part they were acting kind to one another. When a tractor got in the way of a tricycle, I heard no mean words or saw no unkind gestures. Adults could learn a lot from little kids.
As for my own driving experiences, I have almost been driven off the road two or three times in the last couple weeks. What would one of those aggressive drivers gain by my crashing? Timewise, they would gain 5-10 seconds. Being driven off the road is one thing, but the dirty looks and hand gestures are really unnecessary. The unfortunate reality is that Christians are not excluded from making those gestures. My mom once had an experience with a driver that made her realize this cold hard truth. She made a driver on the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago mad. He  passed her, then flipped her off with his middle finger. She was not so surprised that someone could express their anger like that. My mom was quite surprised that next Sunday morning when she was greeted in the church foyer by this same man who wasn’t quite so friendly on the highway.
Christians are a work in progress, not perfect masterpieces. My mom had that fact screamed in her face with a pleasant smile and the memory of a not so pleasant driving experience. Our Bible verse today doesn’t deal with having our actions match our reality of being a Christian. Ephesians 4:32 is about forgiving those who treat you with actions that don’t match their words. I’ve experienced a lot of that mismatch between actions and words lately. I just re-read Ephesians 4:32 and see that I am to be forgiving and compassionate to those who present such mismatches. That’s difficult for me.
It’s been a long time since I’ve sent you a devotional and welcomed your emails into our inbox. I’d love to hear your thoughts on some mismatches you’ve experienced. Please include how forgiving you’ve been in your particular situation.
In Christ y’all,


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