Love is…Missing the kick off of the Dallas Cowboys Game

1 Corinthians 13

November 18, 2007

Last weekend, my son was quite sick. For a while, his temperature reached a disturbing 106 degrees. It only lasted long enough to scare me half to death. There is a positive is a positive note about his illness though. It helped me witness an over abundance of love. We had many people from our church family praying for our son. We received many emails and phone calls inquiring about him. Then about 3pm, a white SUV pulled up in front of our house. “It’s Jolana,” exclaimed my bride a little bit in shock.  We didn’t know why she was here. My first instinct was to clean the living room. However, my bride headed her off at the pass. She kept Jolana in the front yard. She had heard our son was ill and decided to bring us chicken soup, Sprite and popsicles. The big deal about Jolana arriving at our house with goodies was not the goodies themselves; it was her timing. We found out how much she loved us when she joked, “You know I love you guys a lot because I’m here, and the Cowboys game begins in 5 minutes. I’m going to miss the kick off.” Now that I think of it, maybe she wasn’t joking. Nevertheless, real love was shown us last weekend by a number of people and love is the sign of a true Christian.

Do the world a favor after you read this devotional; show someone a dose of extremely meaningful love.

In Christ y’all,

Brian Humek

P.S. Here is a link to a “help needed” post from our Zach’s House Message Board. Zach’s House is our new church plant and Katie is a person who saw one of our flyers concerning feeding the homeless. The flyer was hung up at a local Starbucks and she has been in contact with us ever since. Katie is running a marathon to raise awareness for Leukemia and the Lymphoma Society.  Please visit our message board and tell her you’ll be praying for her. Click here to leave Katie a message of encouragement. Thank you for your help with this. Have a happy Thanksgiving! Please forward this message to as many people as you would like in your congregation or within your circle of friends. What a great way to show love, by encouraging another person.

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