Reader Feedback

Hey Brian,
Wanted to let you know that your devotional thought came at just the right time for me this week.
– Scott (Church planter, Dallas, TX)

___________________________________________________________________________  Brian,

Thank you for this message for I really need it. It was just
for me…..Shirley

___________________________________________________________________________ Dear Brian & Mary Ann,
I have been receiving your devotional tid-bits and have been
blessed through your written endeavors.–Thank you, Rex

____________________________________________________________________________ Well, you’ve done it agan:  Made me THINK!  We love and appreciate your ministry -Mary Linn


Good tidbit.  They are all good, but I was really blessed by this one. -See ya, Mark ____________________________________________________________________________  Thanks for these important words of wisdom, Brian. I enjoy          
your thoughts each time, but I wanted to give a special
thank you this time. – Justin (minister, Wisconsin)


Brian,. Thank-You ! ,. for once again I have shared your weekly message with “a bunch of other folks” and I greatly appreciate your continued input,. I feel God is using you in a very strong way, to affect and change alot of lives, “keep on Keepin’ on Bro”!!
– Bob (Madill, Oklahoma)


Brian, thanks for this illustration. I will use it in one of my sermons. – Carlos (Arlington, TX)

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