Bigger! Further! More!

Today’s Devotional Tidbit – November 14, 2006
Bigger! Further! More!
Ecclesiastes 3:10-11

I often get a yearning for more. When I was planning my honeymoon to Denver, Colorado so many years ago, I looked at the map and saw that Cheyenne, Wyoming was just up the highway. So we went. When looking at the map, I saw that Mt. Rushmore was only a few hundred miles further. So we went. From Mt. Rushmore, it was only a hop, skip and a jump to the geographic center of America near Belle Fouche, SD. We went there too. Lo and behold, Alzada, Montana was just over there. We had to go. Let me restate that, I had to go. There is a reason this happened. Now look at your life, the life of your friends, parents and co-workers. Not too many people are satisfied with just existing. Most all of us strive for more. Higher education is called that because it consists of more education. Job promotions are a way of improving ourselves too. Going from good friends to best friends is another way of obtaining more. We always want more. We are not satisfied with staying where we are. “New and improved” is an advertising slogan, but it is also what we desire for our lives, not just our laundry detergent. There is a reason for all of this too. God placed eternity within our hearts. Because of God, we naturally strive for more. New lands were discovered because explorers wanted more. Cures to diseases were discovered because researchers had a desire to conquer. I believe God’s plan in setting eternity within our hearts was so we would strive for something bigger than ourselves. He wanted us to be better people; he wanted us to long for Him. Of course, many of us stray off course of God’s original plan. Man, it’s so easy to stray, isn’t it? My prayer today is for us to stay on course, to keep yearning for more, and to let that “more” be a closer relationship to Him. Let us all Praise God that he set eternity within our hearts. I for one absolutely love it.

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